Another year is about to begin.  This year i renewed my contract to Domina Shelle as her slave for another year.  I also signed a contract as slave to Domina’s Lady Helena.

I graduated from Lady Helena’s bootcamp, twice now. During the most recent bootcamp, I reached my lowest weight in years.

I’ve tried to have a regular monthly phone session with Lady Helena, and while scheduling as been a challenge we’ve been able to do that.  I am becoming addicted to the treatment that Lady Helena dishes out during our sessions.

Domina’s control over me has been slowly, gradually, steadily increasing.  This mind and this body, including this cock, are no longer mine, they are HERs.  My slave name feels like my real name.

I can’t describe how powerful Domina is, i only know that She is more powerful than i imagine.  And i can imagine quite a lot.

Domina makes me feel … lucky… I’ve had a number of fortunate experiences since i became her slave. And this past year was no exception.  I’m very grateful for everything she has done to me and for me.


Domina knows what is best for me, She is always right.



Domina, You own my heart. I need your love – can’t live without it, without you. My place is at your feet – totally at your mercy, trembling under your power. My purpose is to serve and obey, catering to your every whim.

Domina, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways 100, 99, 98, … more deeply than words may express…, 3, 2, 1. Nothing will break the bond we have, I’m grateful to be part of your world.

My Beloved Domina, You are the answer to my dreams and prayers. I am under your love spell and won’t let go, can’t let go.

Domina Shelle, I love you to pieces and i am so happy to belong to you as your slave.

Please Domina please make me the subject of your fantasies. The more that you take, the more i have to give. Transform me in the fire of your passion.

Sometimes I can’t belive how lucky I am to belong to the most beautiful, most talented, most sexy, most perfect Domina for me. Sometimes I wake up alone – crazy horny and my balls ache and I miss Domina Shelle terribly.

Domina Shelle, I cherish the collar that binds me to you. You are my universe. I love you and everything about you. If you show me your baggage I will help carry it. I have no choice.

Domina, You are the woman of my hearts desire, gorgeous and with a mind that constantly amazes me. I love being your slave, owned by you body and soul.

Domina, You are so beautiful, so equisitely made, being yours what shall I do be tend upon the hours and times of your desire?

Domina, The rush of love and lust that floods me as i submit to your commands is incredible and i will do anything to please you. The simplest praise from you sends me to the moon.

Domina, You own my fantasies, I am your slave, your pet, your toy, your plaything, yours forever.





Bound to Her

Bound to Domina Shelle by the irons of my own choice.
The pleasure of pleasing Her became a habit and then a necessity.
Her grip on my will made a chain to hold me prisoner.
By these links i am inescapably bound to Her.
i surrender and empty myself to make room for Her thoughts in my mind.
She awakens vast energy – which is dedicated to serve Her.
It seems that accidents are most likely to happen when i get smug in my submission and chastity
and then punishment is earned.
Through my daily mantra, i abandon my own selfish desires for that which will please Her.
i seek to delight Her all the time, and take pleasure in those tasks.
She is the center and source of my life now.
The way to inner joy is through surrender and receptivity to Domina Shelle.


Thank you Lady Helena for helping me to be a better servant to Domina Shelle.

The Submissive’s Prayer

Allow me the strength to answer questions i can’t fathom.
Allow me the spirit to know Her needs.
Allow me the kindness to choke back retorts.
Allow me the serenity to serve Her in peace.
Allow me the love to show Her myself.
Allow me the tenderness to comfort Her.
Allow me the light to show us the way.
Allow me the wisdom to be an asset to Her.
Let me be able to show Her each day my love of service to Her.
Let me open myself up to completely belong to Her.
Let my eyes show Her the same respect, rather i sit at Her side, or kneel at Her feet.
Let me learn to please Her, beyond myself.
Grant me the power to give myself to Her completely.
Give me the strength to please us both.
Permit me to love myself, in loving Her.
Allow me the peace of serving Her.
For it is my greatest wish to make Her life complete, as She makes mine.


author unknown


Please Don’t

i hope you like this little story.

The txt message read “go to the car and reply to this message.”
i left the store and got into the car and replied. “i have obeyed”
Another message from Her, “stroke yourself for 5 minutes, no c*m”
“yes Domina” i replied.

The phone rang about 5 minutes later, it was Her.

“Do you want to c*m, pet?” she asked sweetly.
“Not unless it pleases You, Domina”, i replied.

I’ve beem trained to always provide this answer to that question.
Any other answer results in some kind of punishment or humiliation or both.

The last time i told her that i wanted to c*m, she granted my request with an assignment.

Go to the grocery store and buy a cucumber the same diameter as your cock.
And also get some lube. Do not use the self-checkout lane. When you get home,
strip naked, and put your collar on. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Lube up that cucumber, lay on your back and slide it in your ass as far as it will go. Then slide it slowly almost all the way out. Repeat until the timer runs out, fuck that ass. You will c*m when the timer goes off. And then you will wipe up your mess on your fingers and lick it off. When done, you may thank me for allowing you fuck your ass and to eat your own cum.

So now, i’ve been trained to avoid having an orgasm. She has control over my cock. i gave Her that control, and now She owns me completely.

She keeps me rock hard the whole time she is talking to me. Her voice is super sexy. And when she tells a sexy story, or talks about her matching bra and panties she brings me right to the edge.

She reinforces my training by making me beg her.. “Please Domina, don’t make me c*m. Please don’t let me c*m Domina.”

I’m grateful when she stops teasing and taunting me. “Thank you Domina for keeping me chaste and horny for you.”
“Good boy” she replies. i love it when she tells me that, i really love it.

When she says goodbye and hangs up, i’m left in a daze. Happy that i have pleased Her, and longing to hear her voice again.

When i get back home, i put on the headphones and listen to the “chastity loop” mp3 again.


More than i expected

Domina’s web site has a rotating set of Once i was browsing her site while stroking gently, and i went right over the edge when the picture changed. i wasn’t even aware that i was touching myself until it happened. It was then that i realized her power over me was greater than i suspected.

Since then i have gone much deeper into HER control. Willingly, compulsively, submissively i serve my beautiful Domina. She’s changed me, for the better.

Are you submissive?

Have you ever read or watched ‘The Story of O’, and identified with 0?

Have you ever asked a partner to tie you up or been tied up?

Have you ever experimented with self-bondage?

Have you ever invited a partner to spank you?

Have you ever experimented with self-flagellation?

Have you ever inserted a foreign object into your anus?

Have you ever given yourself an enema? More than once?

Have you ever been dressed in women’s/(other gender) clothing?

Have you ever dressed yourself in women’s/(other gender) clothing?

Do you have pierced nipples or genitals?

Do you like giving head / going down?

Have you ever used an object, like a pair of panties, to masturbate with?

Do you have a fetish for panties or feet or shoes or leather or breasts or something else?

Have you wondered what it would be like to work at a women’s shoe store?
If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’, then what are you doing to get more of that? Obedience is the match to submission, who do you obey?

I’ve tried most of the things listed above. And I find the idea of hypnosis interesting, and erotic hypnosis even more interesting.

accolade_by_edmund_blair_leighton_smI was browsing when I saw an ad for one of Princess Shelle’s new releases, and it reminded me of a recurring fantasy. After a little investigation I learned that Princess Shelle had produced lots and lots of interesting content.
So I tried one of Her files and really liked it.

Then I started down ‘The Beginning Path‘. As the depth of my experience increased and so did my satisfaction. After while, it was time for me to take the next step and become a ‘Slave For Shelle‘, and it got even better for me.

I’m happily ALL-IN for Princess Shelle.